All the forms you need on a variety of HR-related subjects are available for download here. These forms were created as PDFs with Adobe Acrobat.



If you are having difficulty downloading and viewing the PDFs you may need to install or update your PDF viewer. Download Adobe Acrobat Viewer at this link. If the problem persists, read on.

  • Enter chrome://plugins into your address bar.
  • Scroll down to either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. (You’ll only see them if you have them installed.)
  • Click the Enable link.

The first time you start Acrobat you will be prompted to accept the end user licence agreement (EULA) and register Acrobat. After you accept the EULA, Acrobat runs a Self-healing procedure which checks for any Acrobat components that need to be installed in other applications. The self-healing process installs the Adobe PDFViewer plug-in file. The AdobePDFViewer.plugin file is the main file used by Acrobat to view PDF files in the Safari browser on Mac OS X is the Adobe PDFViewer.plugin; this file is installed in the Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder.

If you updated or reinstalled your copy of Safari in order to view PDF files, then do the following:

  1. Completely remove the old version of Safari.
  2. Install the latest version of Safari.
  3. Remove the Adobe PDFViewer.plugin from the Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder.
  4. In Acrobat run Help > Detect And Repair and choose Adobe PDFViewer.