What Does a PEO Do?

For some business leaders, a PEO (or professional employer organization) is something they may not be aware of or understand how it can be beneficial. However, a PEO is simply a relationship in which you select a provider to become your dedicated HR management and benefits administration partner, and deliver a broad range of HR services through a “co-employment” model.

In a standard PEO, you retain the day-to-day control over how you manage your employees, and your provider handles the HR management and benefits administration, including:

  • Managing certain critical HR service responsibilities such as payroll, benefits and workers’ compensation
  • Access to high quality and affordable health care
  • Assistance with understanding and navigating Health Care Reform
  • Providing infrastructure for HR management
  • Taking on and managing many common employer risks
  • Training your employees in both online and classroom venues

With Professional Employer Organization services you benefit from the “shared responsibility” model. When you establish a co-employment relationship, you’re also sharing certain risks and responsibilities with the provider. Shared responsibility means you’re not facing the threat and impact of changes to laws and regulations and other compliance requirements alone. For example, through CountryWide HR our risk and compliance experts keep on top of the thousands of annual changes to HR regulations, including Health Care Reform, so you don’t have to. As a result, we can help you avoid common benefits administration and HR management issues.

So, Why CountryWide HR?

Your business is unique as is our approach. CountryWide HR is not a massive corporation like some of our competitors – only accessible by issuing a service request form. We are personalized organization dedicated to building lasting partnerships and strong relationships. We meet with you in person on-site to best understand the dynamics and complexities of your business so that we can truly craft a support plan that is tailored to your specific individualized needs. We do not offer one approach or one solution. We offer you a wide array of opportunities and possibilities. Here are just a few things that make us different:

  • Dedicated HR Specialists
  • Dedicated Payroll Specialists
  • Client on-boarding program for smooth transition and integration
  • Client Access Portal
  • On-site visits

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