Who We Are

CountryWide HR is a full-service Professional Employer Organization (PEO). We bring you WIDE possibilities for helping you run your business more effectively, more efficiently, and with far more focus. Our goal is to help relieve you of the administrative burdens your business bears so that you can focus on the things that matter like growing your company and making money.

What We Do

CountryWide HR offers a comprehensive set of Human Resources Solutions for your business designed from our client’s perspective. We deliver our solutions via local HR Consultants backed by our web-based portal and regional teams of subject matter experts. We focus on achieving results in 3 key areas that impact your business. Reduce HR Administration Burden, Optimize HR Practices, and Maximize Employee Engagement.

What is a PEO and how can a professional employer organization benefit your business?
A PEO is simply a relationship in which you select a provider to became your dedicated HR managment and benefits administration partner, and deliver a broad
range of HR services through a “co-employment” model.

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